Why do I need to Pre-Order?


We pride ourselves on the fact that our range is of the highest quality composition as well as being unique[in design, which means we do not carry large quantities of our limited edition ranges. Instead we make to order, which is why you won't see many of these suits around!

Pre-ordering also means that you can receive our new ranges as soon as they become available.  Keep an eye on our web-site for updates on our new exciting designs so that you can be the first to dare to wear!

How do 'Pre-Orders' work

We ask you to purchase a pre-order code , which is 50% of the cost of the suit. This guarantees your order.  You then proceed to ‘check-out’ as per normal. On completion you will receive your unique pre-order code .

We will then notify you by email when your item is in and ask you to re-visit the site, order your item again using your pre-order code when selecting your size. This automatically removes the 50% already paid .  


Because our suits are especially made, it can take up to 4-6 weeks, but it will be worth it!

How will I know when a 'Coming Soon' product becomes available?


If yousubscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of the page) or join us on Facebookor Twitter we will give you regular updates on our ranges so you can be first to buy.

How can I pay for my order?


All orders are paid securelthrough Paypal. Even without a Paypal account you can still pay with your credit card on Paypal.